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Express Epping Forest pest control offer an insect control service that is second to none. Epping Forest insects such as house fleas or bed bugs need urgent attention as these types of insects will multiply at an alarming rate. For any Epping Forest insect infestation such as ants, silverfish and cockroaches we can have someone to your door that same day to eliminate the problem and provide preventative measures.

For the health and safety of those near the affected area it is imperative that only a trained local Epping Forest engineer apply industrial pesticides and insecticides. For any Epping Forest insect problem you can rely on us for a safe and efficient service.

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Example Of Our Pest Services

Rodent Poison
The poison we use for our rodent pest control is an industry-standard mix of poison, and Warfarin. Warfarin is an anti-coagulant, that prevents blood from clotting. The poison itself causes internal bleeding. Combined together, the rat dies fairly quickly.